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Gas Monkey Bar & Grill has high hopes and a hot burger

Gas Monkey Bar & Grill


As writer for Dallas Culture and Events, the opportunity to came out to check out a live act a few weekends ago for the Winterbrew Ha! Ha! Tour at Gas Monkey Bar & Grill. The establishment owned by Fast and Loud star Richard Rawlings takes up a spot from some previously defunct live music establishments. The restaurant live music venue is located on Technology Boulevard and Northwest Highway. It’s right near the sprawling I-35 freeway in Dallas meaning that you can be sure to be surrounded by Gentlemen’s Clubs, Industrial area and tons of restaurants.

Gas Monkey Bar & Grill is a must visit for live music and great food
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Live Bands and Acts

It is amazing to see how much music can come out of this place. Almost every day of the week besides Mondays and Tuesdays, this place has a live band playing. From the most recent visit, it’s a pretty popular spot. The stage is in a separate part of the bar and grill restaurant. Some shows will require an individual ticket so if you don’t want to catch the performance you can still hang out in the bar and restaurant undisturbed by the music. In the stage/show area they have their own bar, seating area and deck for the smokers. The stage and music set up is run by the audio crew of Gas Monkey Bar & Grill. When you enter this area, you have to step down to get into the bowels of the staging area and to see the stage. The bass from the speakers can make the floor below you tremble. It’s a pretty unique experience. The bands performing typically hang out in the Green Room which is at the top level of the bar and restaurant. The Green Room comes complete with bar and staff service, Flat Panel Television Screens, Stripper pole on the bar and the works. Not many people get to check out the VIP and green room. From the heavens, the bands can come down the stairs to get onto the stage.

The restaurant and bar

There wasn’t going to be a review of the restaurant but I have to talk about this burger they have on the menu. Called the Coyote Burger, it’s the spiciest burger on the menu. Very delicious with chipotle sauce, pork rind friend jalapenos, tomatoes, habanero salsa type of sauce, habaneros and goat cheese. This burger is amazing and cooked medium well, it was large and juicy. They have a large sprawling bar separate from the rest of the restaurant itself and they have a ton of televisions for all the sports action. In the back of the bar is a gift shop of course where you can purchase a lot of memorabilia for the restaurant. As for the service I thought they were quick and great. The waiter recommended that burger to me.

With lots of special events, live music and concerts the Gas Monkey Bar & Grill is a great stop in Dallas if you are traveling here and if you live in the metroplex it’s a definite must visit.

Find them at 10261 Technology Blvd E, Dallas, Texas, 75220. You can also visit them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

Heather Buen has lived in Dallas-Fort Worth since 2001. She is a freelance journalist, blogger, online marketing entrepreneur, instructor, speaker, and mom. For more updates on Dallas Fort Worth area arts, music and events please subscribe or follow her on Facebook.

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