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Garmin vivofit

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Garmin vivofit


As springtime draws closer many of us will seek to shed the excess weight gained while hibernating during these past cold winter months.
One of the quickest ways to that is by moving your body; be it by walking, running, swimming or hitting the gym. Now that you have your intentions set in place in your mind now it’s time to get some gear to help get and keep you motivated.
One of the newest items on the fitness market to help in maximizing workout benefits is the Garmin vivofit. Now one time or another many of us have tried to achieve the much desired ten thousand steps a day by investing a pedometer. But sadly many of those little toys have found their way to the bottom of our purses or dare I say it garbage pails.
They were and are still a great way to get and stay in shape. But for those who may find the idea of changing the battery a good excuse not to use it or found that counting steps was just too limiting or boring the vivofit could be your answer.
The vivofit is a fitness band that has a battery life that lasts about one year, so that spares us all the excuse of forgetting to charge or change it. Once the user has set up goals for themselves it then greets them daily with fitness goals and tracks progress.
It’s also pretty smart because you can also let it assign goals for you automatically. It will learn the user’s activity level and assign new plan for each day and increase each day after. But if you are unable to achieve it for a couple of days the vivofit will reduce as needed to help get you back on track—kind of like a personal trainer without the fees.
It tells you when you should be moving, tracks your steps, calories burned and time of day. Vivofit can store all of that info in up to 50 meters of water.
It’s pretty simple to use and to reap the full benefits you can sync (wirelessly) it with your personal computer or smartphone.
The downside of vivofit would be its cost. Although cheaper than most gym rates many will squirm at forking over $130 for the basic or $170 for the bundled package, (