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Gamera Trilogy brings the destruction on Blu-ray

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Mill Creek Entertainment

Gamera Trilogy


With all the hype of the Godzilla film that is currently tearing up the box office faster than he destroys cities what better time to get caught up on your other favorite kaiju’s out there. Besides Godzilla, one of the most popular out there is the guardian of the children himself Gamera. Mill Creek Entertainment just recently released the original 8 films in two awesome Blu-ray collections, but that is not all of the Gamera out there. Mill Creek also has the remake trilogy from the 90s in one epic triple feature aptly titled Gamera Trilogy.

The first film in this collection, Gamera: Guardian of the Universe bring the return of Gamera after the Gyaos attack the city in hopes to bring peace back to the universe like only he can. This entry is a lot darker in tone to than the original series stepping away from the family friendly direction and going for a darker monster film. They still kept the man-in-suit and model aspect that makes this movies so great, but the dark lighting and more vicious nature of the creatures make this a different kind of Gamera. Make no mistake there is still plenty of monster fighting and city stomping but they take it more seriously and in turn makes it a great entry to the legacy of the character.

The second in the trilogy, Gamera 2: Attack of the Legion pits Gamera against over grown plant life and vicious insect like creatures that are tearing through the city at a rapid rate. Much like the previous entry in the series this one keeps the darker tone, as well as the direction of the filming style making for another great entry in the franchise. The lead creature design is really cool rivaling any in this series or any other kaiju to date. The action this time around showcases more special effects with the lighting style lasers that the creature spews throughout the city.

The final entry in the trilogy, Gamera: Revenge of Iris brings back the dreaded Gyaos, but this time they are bringing along a new friend that is hell bent on destroying the city and Gamera along with it. With the first two films in this series they kept a serious darker tone, but for some reason they shifted the focus a bit and ended up going more campy which made for the weakest film in this trilogy. While it is far from horrible, it harkens back to the cheesy nature of the original series, but after following the great darker entries it just fell short.

This trilogy is not only a lot of fun, it showcases the proper way to utilize this classic creature film style while not making it cheesy and silly. Mind you there is nothing wrong with the goofy nature and is some of the charm of it, but every so often it is nice to get ones like this that wants it to be so much more. You don’t have to see any of the previous Gamera films to be able to jump right into this series, but you will be doing yourself a disservice and lose your kaiju geek card if you don’t . All of the Gamera Blu-ray sets are now available over at Mill Creek so get in on the city smashing fun and grab yours today.

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