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Game of Thrones- Books and the Show

Game of Thrones


Who isn't talking about the HBO show Game of Thrones? It is a mesmerizing and adventurous fantasy show that keeps everyone interested. The first episode aired on April 17, 2011, based on a saga titled “A Song of Ice and Fire” written by Geroge R.R. Martin. Even though the show has many followers and a dedicated audience, it also has so many characters and places, more and more with each show, that it's easy to get lost. It’s crucial to know who is who because they all play important roles in the development of the story.

Book 1

One way to keep up and to understand each character on a greater scale is to read the George R.R. Martin's books. You will definitely find clarification and a greater understanding of the characters and will be tuned into the show even more. You are probably a fan already, so let’s use real examples. Do you know what made Danerys go into the fire with her husband? Or what she feels towards Ser Jorah Mormont? How well do you know Theon Greyjoy/Reek? Aren’t you curious about his thoughts? What about King Joffrey? Who was rejoicing his death? What was Sansa’s emotional state during her stay at the King’s Landing?

Reading these books will not only allow you to know the characters better, but you will also see that the show did not exactly follow the books. If you start reading, you will be captivated. But be prepared to stay up late because once you’re hooked…

Books can be purchased online, paperback, hard cover, or a complete set. There is a free option, of course, which is to visit your local library. I would be prepared for renewing it a few times as it is a long read. Nevertheless, it is not a boring read.