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Game of Thrones 4x01: An emoji review

Valar morghulis
Valar morghulis

Game of Thrones "Two Swords"


1) Tywin melts down the valerian sword of Ned Stark, creating two swords out of the precious metal. With the forging of those blades, he reshapes the legacy of the Stark family.
2) He gives one blade to his one handed son Jamie. The gift also comes with a request for Jamie to leave the King’s Guard and return home. Much like the morphed metal, Jamie is much changed. He cares about honor and valor since escaping capture and refuses to quit the service. Jamie’s sentimental response upsets Tywin.
3) Tyrion and Bronn are waiting by the roadside when an unexpected and shocking announcement is made. Prince Oberyn Martell will be coming to the royal wedding instead of his brother. This troubles Tyrion who tells Bronn that the Martell’s and he Lannister’s do not have the most pristine history.
4) Prince Oberyn and his female companion are at Little Finger’s brothel. They are whisking people out a lineup when Prince Oberyn hears a song. It is the song of the Lannister’s.
5) Prince Oberyn confronts the men who her singing. He tells them the only qualities the Lannister’s have is money, which counts for nothing. He then stabs one of the men in the hand.
6) Tyrion and Bronn appear at the brothel and try to deflate the tension steaming the air.
7) Prince Oberyn and Tyrion speak honestly. Oberyn tells Tyrion the story of his sister. How she was raped and murdered by The Mountain under the command of Tywin Lannister. His niece and nephew were also murdered.
8) He tells Tyrion: “Tell your father I am here and tell him the Lannister’s aren’t the only ones who pay their debts.” It’s clear he has not come to feast and celebrate.
9) Sansa is distraught by the news of her family’s slaughter. She won’t eat and when Tyrion tries to get her to grasp at any possibility of hope for the future, she rebuffs him. Sansa leaves after telling Tyrion that she doesn’t pray anymore. She only seeks solitude.
10) Jamie and Cersei are talking as he gets fashioned for a prosthetic hand, a very shiny one. Cersei speaks of cryptic “symptoms” that she doesn’t have anymore. A hunch makes Jamie ask if she was “touched”. Jamie tries to kiss her, his sister. He tries to kiss his sister! Cersei, his sister, rejects Jamie, her brother. The entire scene is simply, strange and nausea inciting.
11) Margery Tyrell and her grandmother are picking out the perfect necklace for the wedding. They toss one over a balcony into the sun kissed trees in disapproval. They send the ladies maids off to find others.
12) Daenerys is sitting on boulder big rocks with a dragon. She watches the other two dragons fight over a calf. When she moves, the dragon closest to her groans at her thunderously. She is reminded of their aggressive nature and doubt creeps in about her ability to tame them.
13) Grey Worm and Daario Naharis are challenging each other to a game. The have their arms extended in front of them with their sword placed palm to palm. Whoever lasts the longest wins the right to ride with Daenerys. She corrects them both by saying the honor is neither of theirs to possess.
14) They arrive at another slave city and Daario tells her the only way to conquer a land is to know it.
15) Sansa is cornered in the garden by Joffrey’s fool, who she saved on the king’s name day. He gives her the last relic from his time as a knight. He shows her his family heirloom, a necklace. Does this gift come with a price? Does it place a heavier weight around her neck than the necklace’s size?
16) Jon Snow meets with the council of the Night’s watch. He tells them about the siege against The Wall that is coming. His life is saved even though he broke many of his sacred vows.
17) Ygritte is being scolded for not killing Jon Snow when a band of men arrive claiming that they are reinforcements to help with the attack on The Wall. They invite Ygritte and others to partake in their meal. The leader places a human hand on the grill.
18) Jamie Lannister and Brienne of Tarth are talking about their promise to Catelyn Stark to return her daughters to safety. It appears this is a pledge they both may attempt to keep.
19) Daenerys sees that the road to the slave city is paved with people nailed to the road posts. She proclaims that before her men bury them, she wants to see the faces of each victim.
20) The Hound and Arya are hiding in the shadows of trees. Arya sees the man who stole her sword “needle” and killed her friend.
21) They go into the pub and The Hound is recognized and given ale. A king’s soldier proceeds to jest at The Hound. The Hound continues to drink.
22) The Hound hurls an insult about the king. He also demands a chicken from the soldier. When the soldier replies with another insult, The Hound demands two chickens. The soldier is certain that he has The Hound outnumbered so he insults him again. The Hound informs the soldier, if he speaks again, he’ll need to eat every chicken in the entire tavern.
23) A brawl ensues and The Hound kills all but two men. Arya stabs a large sword in the belly of one. Then she swipes the blade across the back of the legs of the other. Once he’s on the ground Arya retrieves “needle” and speaks the words the man said to her friend before he killed him. She put “needle” through the bottom chin of the man’s face, upward through his skull and watches as he dies.
24) Arya now has her own horse. The Hound rides happily on his horse beside her. He strolls along, swallowing the remaining pieces of chicken in his hand.

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