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Gadget review: GOgroove BlueSYNC TYM aims to take alarm clocks into the future

GOgroove BlueSYNC TYM
GOgroove BlueSYNC TYM
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The GOgroove BlueSYNC TYM


Ours is an age of rapidly advancing technology, but in the wake of any number of smart devices with native alarm functions the once-essential alarm clock has fallen out favor with many of the tech-savvy who would rather kick it new school. The GOgroove BlueSYNC TYM is one alarm clock seemingly designed with tech lovers in mind. The TYM boasts a simple design, clean display, USB charging port and bluetooth capabilities that allow it to act as a speaker and even a speakerphone on which users can take or make calls, in addition to doing what alarms do best: wake people up.

After some hands-on testing of all the features on a review unit here’s what we found:

The Nifty-

  • The TYM is light and appealing to the eye with wood (available in light or dark finish) and a clean display.
  • Set-up of the device is simple and intuitive.
  • Bluetooth pairing is as simple as it gets.
  • Music streamed via the bluetooth capabilities plays clearly, with the speakers delivering good sound quality.
  • The front display also incorporates the date, offering extra information without appearing crowded.
  • The buttons on the unit are non-intrusive, maintaining the simple, clean style of the TYM.

The Not-So Nifty-

  • Out of the box, the review unit had two minor, but nonetheless visible scratches, the larger of which on the front display.
  • Although the TYM allows users to stream radio options such as Pandora or Spotify, or music locally stored on a device via Bluetooth capabilities, it does not have a native radio function.
  • Only one alarm option, a standard buzz, is available.
  • The quick start guide offers sparse directions, printed in an exceptionally small font. This is not as much of an issue as it could be given that the TYM is quite easy to set-up with most of the functionality being highly intuitive for people comfortable with tech and gadgets.
  • Though the bluetooth connectivity is very simple, as is the completion and receipt of calls when a phone is paired with the TYM, the call quality and clarity is not ideal for either the TYM user or the person they are speaking to. The clarity the TYM speakers displayed with bluetooth music streaming was much less present on the call.

In Conclusion:

The GOgroove BlueSYNC TYM has an interesting variety of bells and whistles, which operate with varying degrees of success. The appearance, ease of use, bluetooth, USB and speaker capabilities all land in the plus column. Unfortunately, for a device that is first and foremost an alarm clock, the TYM lacks some of the basic functionality that run-of-the-mill alarm clocks have featured for decades, and though calls are technically capable via this device, they are not recommended for anyone not looking to relive the call quality of an out-of-coverage range cell phone sometime around the turn of the century.

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