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Future Imperfect Book Three: Final Deceit by P.I. Barrington

A Sci-Fi Thriller!
A Sci-Fi Thriller!
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Future Imperfect Book Three: Final Deceit


The Future Imperfect series goes out with a bang as Final Deceit, the third book in the sci-fi trilogy by P. I. Barrington, most definitely measures up to its’ predecessors, Crucifying Angel and Miraculous Deception, and in cliffhanger style, begins where Deception leaves off.

The year is 2032. After an explosion rocks the New Creations compound, trapping hundreds, not everyone is present and accounted for. Payce, Gavin and the others find themselves entombed beneath mounds of broken concrete and crumpled steel, hundreds of feet underground, and surrounded by total darkness. With Las Vegas Police Chief Charlie Bowman spearheading the search and rescue mission in a desperate attempt to save those trapped, the Mayor of Sin City has his own agenda. With a power struggle ensuing, it’s only a matter of time before it becomes a search and recovery mission. Unfortunately for those trapped, one in the group is working to prevent them from ever seeing the light of day; and what does New Creations have planned as their ultimate and final act of retribution? Barrington packs plenty of action and excitement into Final Deceit and leaves us with a surprise ending the reader won’t see coming.

Barrington’s colorful characters jump off the page with crisp, engaging dialog that propels the action and swiftly moves it along at breakneck speed. The characters are incredibly realistic and exhibit all the thoughts, emotions, and actions to make it easy for the reader to feel connected. We can’t help but root for Payce and Gavin and feel their unspoken bond to one another as they attempt to keep each other alive; or the constant but thoroughly humorous way in which Nick and Amy Strand playfully bicker like an old married couple; or the obvious disdain between Gavin and Logan as they fight for Payce’s attention. Final Deceit is quite possibly the most exciting book in this terrific sci-fi series.

Future Imperfect Book Three: Final Deceit is published by Desert Breeze Publishing and released January 2011. It is available for purchase at, in Kindle Edition, and Desert Breeze Publishing, in various electronic formats. The first book in the Future Imperfect trilogy, Crucifying Angel, was published November 2009, and the second book, Miraculous Deception, was published June 2010. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this series and, since its inception in 2009, have been lucky enough to watch it come to fruition. Though sad to see it end, I am equally excited to see what future endeavors Barrington has in store for us.

During the 1990s, P.I. Barrington spent her summers in New Hampshire but is a native of Southern California. She is co-author of the book Button Hollow Chronicles No. 1: The Leaf Peeper Murders with fellow writer and sister, Loni Emmert.

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