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[Fuse]Chicken’s Une Bobine for iPhone 5/C/S: Serpentine flexibility!

[Fuse]Chicken’s Une Bobine


Une Bobine succinctly describes this device in French with an English translation being “coil.” This product is a completely novel design that incorporates a syncing/changing cable, dock, and an adjustable mount into a single unit.

Serpentine flexibility!
Brian Hart

The metal-covered cabling (approximately 24 inches long) is exceptionally bendable and easily sculpts to practically limitless shapes. The only exception occurs when this device is kinked (or sharply folded over itself), as it stops the flow of data (much like a water hose). Impressively, once molded into shape, an Une Bobine completely supports the heavy weight of an iPhone plus its case without drooping.

This unique idea is greatly desirable, as the Une Bobine project was successfully funded on Kickstarter back in July 2012 by earning an astonishing $212,265 from 4,000+ backers (with a goal of $9,800). At that time, this product was only available in a 30-pin version for iPhone 4/4S and a Micro USB for Android. Not only are both of the aforementioned still able to be purchased on [Fuse]Chicken’s website for $19.95, but also, a newer Une Bobine for iPhone 5/C/S is now available with a lightning connector ($34.95).

[Fuse]Chicken’s product strength is derived from its malleability as well as adjusting to a height comfortable for one’s eye level. Thus, with this device, one can quickly glance over to check incoming messages or calls on his/her phone with zero effort or eyestrain. Aside from being helpful in the office or at home, this aforementioned characteristic is perfect for hands-free navigation in the car. [Fuse]Chicken even sells a car kit ($5) that adds a USB car charger and dash-mounted clip to safely hold an Une Bobine during travel.

Of note, Une Bobine’s weakness comes from only connecting to devices with either no case or an open-bottom case ($7.95 on [Fuse]Chicken’s website when purchased separately). Nonetheless, this is only a minor inconvenience when compared to the major flexibility and freedom gained from an Une Bobine.

Rating: 4 out of 5

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