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Funny "Love" Story Shows Why Not to Judge a Book by Its Cover

"Love or Whatever" comes to DVD Tuesday.
"Love or Whatever" comes to DVD Tuesday.

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Yes i am a romantic. So cinematically it doesn't take much to tug at my heartstrings. I fell in love with a beautiful romantic comedy two years ago at the Frameline Film Festival and I am glad it FINALLY is coming out on DVD this week.

Tyler Poelle and Joel Rush make interesting bedfellows.

"Love or Whatever" is a cute movie that reminds us we can't really judge a book by its cover.

"Love" tells of Corey who is a therapist in what he thought was a strong relationship until his partner goes straight. So after dabbling a bit on Grindr, Corey finds Pete who he thinks is totally out of his league due to Pete's model looks but still goes for it anyway.

Yes this sounds like many gay movies but what makes "Love" stand out is Pete has more depth than even the audience or Corey give him credit for so most of the conflict within the plot are based upon Corey's perceiving Pete to be someone he's not.

In addition to these poignant and witty scenes written by Cait Brennan and the wonderful Dennis Bush, "Love" offers us a scene stealing performance from Jennifer Elise Cox as Corey's sister. Cox has great time and quite a few funny lines in her scenes as she equally mixes sisterly advice to her emotionally troubled brother and scenes of her own seduction of the many women that cross her path. (Cox is on a high as having been one of the writer's to the closing film at LA's Out

Tyler Poelle also does a great job as Corey. While a therapist, Corey has a lot of issues of his own. Many of which are annoying. Yet Poelle brings a lot of charm and compassion to the character so the audience gets invested in his (hopeful) happiness.

He is also supported by two sexy co-stars. Joel Rush as Pete is definitely someone worth drooling over. But Rush makes him just a regular guy who happens to have great looks. It's easy to dismiss him as a model due to his looks, but the character is written to make him multi-dimensional with more depth than your average hottie.

David Wilson Page is also a nice addition - not only to keep the movie sexually charged, but he brings tons of charisma and comic timing as Corey's ex.

Director Rosser Goodman keeps the film running at an excellent pace, peppering in scenes to tickle the funny one with as well as ones to advance the plot.

The script really is on point with surprises, sexiness and some hysterical scenes, especially the montage that looks like speed dating.

"Love or Whatever' is the perfect summer surprise that proves, even with movies, that you shouldn't judge a book by its cover.

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