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Fun for all at The Florida Grammy Showcase

Photos from The 2014 Florida Grammy Showcase - Grammy VIPs
Photos from The 2014 Florida Grammy Showcase - Grammy VIPs
Kat Coffin

The Florida Grammy Showcase


Last night The Florida Music Festival (FMF) kicked off with the tenth edition of The 2014 Florida Grammy Showcase at Firestone Live in Orlando. Throughout the night there was one word being used over and over to describe the night as it was unfolding – fun.

The Florida Grammy showcase at FMF
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The six finalists, Orlando bands The Cold Start, Good Luck Penny, Carly Jo Jackson and Tayler Buono and Central Florida bands Variance and Geri X, were chosen out of over 300 entries to showcase for this event. Each artist was allotted only a 10 minute set to perform before the industry executives and music fans in the audience.

First up was the Orlando (via the UK) based The Cold Start. The band’s high-energy, ultra catchy Indie rock music drew fans to the stage right from the start. Then it was time for captivating, danceable pop tunes with Tayler Buono and her band.

The two-piece band Geri X was up next with their stark, steady rhythmic folk music. After their set, it was time for singer/songwriter Carly Jo “crazy pants” Jackson. With Chris Rodriguez on drums, Jackson’s music surges to a whole new energy level live.

Next up was the alternative finesse of the female fronted band Variance from St. Petersburg. Closing out the night was Good Luck Penny. The seven piece country band shifts lead vocals between three members in a dynamic performance that included their song “Highway Honeymoon.”

After the live performances were finished, it was time for host WJRR’s Supa Dave to announce the grand prize winner. Second runner up was Good Luck Penny, first runner up was Carly Jo Jackson and the grand prize went to Tayler Buono. As the grand prize winner, Buono and her band got to perform two more songs for the attendees.

The Grammy member VIPs, performers, the musicians and music fans in attendance were all there having a very good time. From the poses in front of the Grammy backdrop to the stage manager dancing and joking through the band set ups and everything in between, it was obvious the mood was light and fun was on the schedule.