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Fun day trip with the family at the State Fair Meadowlands

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Courtesy of State Fair Meadowlands

State Fair Meadowlands


Rides and attractions, non-stop action is how I would describe the 2014 State Fair Meadowlands. I went a few days ago with my husband and two kids and had a blast. It was a beautiful night, not too hot and not too cool. The perfect combination to walk around the fair and enjoy all that it offers especially for families.

I am obsessed with big cats as is my daughter so naturally our first stop was the Big Cat Show. They had a beautiful male lion named Handsome. He was the real version of Mufasa from The Lion King! The name Handsome really suits him. There was a Liger (tiger and lion mix) named Mia. She was beautiful. In addition they had a gorgeous Tiger and a White Bengal Tiger (unfortunately I forgot their names). We even had our picture taken with the White Bengal Tiger. Don’t worry they put him an oversize wheeled cart with a glass front cover. All the big cats were from Big Cat Habitat in Florida so they were all in very good condition and treated nicely from what I can see. I loved seeing them play and do tricks. They’re such amazing animals. So sad that majority of them are endangered, but Big Cat Habitat has all sorts of programs to help raise money in order to keep them safe.

After the cat show, we headed to Kiddy-Land for the rides! I always loved rides as a kid so it’s nice to see that my little girl loves them too! Kiddy-land features over 25 rides for the kids including swings, bumper boats, carousel, mini-himalaya and the kiddy roller coaster, which were my daughter's favorite rides. Nearby Kiddy-Land is kid-friendly food and games. Of course we took a break for some yummy Zeppoles and fresh lemonade. I never leave a fair without these two items!!

After we were done with rides another show was starting, which is a new act this year. It was an open-air circus that included high-wire acts, a swaypole (she was 80 feet in the air swaying on a pole!!), a trapeze artist, motocross show (4 people at a time were in the globe riding their motorbikes-it was incredible!!) and the famous Brian Miser, who shot himself across the sky from a crossbow. These acts were amazing and I caught myself looking away quite a bit because I was afraid that they would fall or get hurt- nope not at all. They are all extremely professional and know what they are doing. One thing’s for sure- don’t try any of these stunts at home!!

Our last stop at the fair was the petting zoo, which was the perfect ending to a fantastic night. The petting zoo had goats, sheep, donkeys, miniature horses and camels. It was so much fun feeding the animals especially the camel. My whole hand disappeared in his mouth when I fed him.

The fair runs now through July 6th at the State Fair Meadowlands Fairgrounds, next to MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford. Fair hours are Monday through Thursday, 6 pm to midnight; Fridays 6 pm to 1 am; Saturdays 2 pm to 1 am; Sundays 2 pm to midnight. On Thursday, July 3, the fair is open 6 pm to 1 am; on Friday, July 4 from 2 pm to 1 am. Parking is free Monday through Wednesday, and $5 Thursdays through Sundays. The fair will be offering free shuttle buses from/to Secaucus Junction. Visit for more information and a list of Bargain Days.

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