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Fun day of making a bear at Build-A-Bear Workshop

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Build-A-Bear Workshop


Our favorite mall is Paramus Park in Paramus, NJ. It’s very kid-friendly, great stores, easy to find parking and above all easy to shop. Plus, Paramus Park mall has a Build-A-Bear Workshop® store, which my five year-old daughter Sophia has been begging to visit. Luckily enough we were offered the opportunity to review our experience of making a bear. I knew this was something my little girl always wanted to do, so I kept it a surprise. She didn’t know what we were doing until we arrived at the store. Wouldn’t you know it, before we actually went in she said, “I want to build a bear.” That’s when I announced the surprise. She was ecstatic!

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When we walked in we met with the lovely store manager, Karen who walked us through the process. The first thing you do is pick out your bear. They have a bunch to choose from on the wall. It’s actually pretty hard to choose. They have so many adorable ones. Ultimately my daughter went with Rainbow Dash from My Little Pony. Once you choose your bear, you can add music to it at the Hear Me station. I had no idea you could even do this. It’s so cool! From today’s hottest tunes to the My Little Pony show theme, the choices were endless. My daughter picked one her favorite songs, Roar from Katy Perry.

After we picked the song, Karen brought us to the Stuff Me station, where we watched her stuff the bear. Sophia helped stuff the bear too by pressing the pedal down. Once the bear was stuffed, my daughter picked out a red heart for her bear and then Karen gave it the stand test. So far, Rainbow Dash is looking awesome and she’s not even dressed yet. The next station is the Fluff Me station where they have a little table with brushes to brush your new stuffed animal along with a table to pick out a cute pair of fuchsia satin underwear.

Now is where the fun really begins-an outfit to choose for Rainbow Dash. Trust me it is not that easy. I had no idea the amount of outfits and accessories Build-A-Bear Workshop offers. They have so many adorable outfits it’s not even funny plus the shoes. They actually have roller skates for the stuffed animals! Sophia loves sequins and glitter, so she went with a rainbow sequin halter top, sparkly fuchsia tutu, turquoise glitter bow flip flops and sequin bows for Rainbow Dash’s hair. With the help of the store manager, my daughter dressed Rainbow Dash at the Dressing Room station and brushed her beautiful rainbow colored hair. The finished product- a totally cool, blinged out Rainbow Dash! The last step of the Build-A-Bear Workshop experience is the Name Me station, where you can create a new name for the stuffed animal or keep the original one then you create a birth certificate for your new friend.

Our experience at Build-A-Bear Workshop® was so much fun. My little girl loved every minute of it. She’s already asking to go back to make another one so Rainbow Dash has a friend. It’s definitely an experience you have to try at least once with your child. Your child will have a blast!!

They have some fun new launches coming up. Beauty and Berry from Disney Palace Pets (they already have Treasure and Pumpkin) and Toothless from How To Train Your Dragon 2 arrive in stores on May 23rd. Also, if you want to give this great experience as a gift you can purchase a Bear Buck$® Gift Card. They come in a variety of designs and can be purchased for any amount in stores or online at