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Fun Christmas story for kids of all ages

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One Strange Christmas


Dear LA Teacher,

I sure would love to find a new book about Christmas to read to my grandkids. Any idea?

Grandpa Christmas

Dear Grandpa Christmas

Nicola Palmer, a British author from Warwickshire, England, loves writing stories for children of all ages. She also enjoys animals, chocolate, coffee, and slippers. As she’s trying to uncover magical powers of her own, she does an excellent job of bestowing such gifts on her characters. One Strange Christmas is one of her stories you'd love.

Just before falling asleep on Christmas Eve, Jake wished for snow and an exciting Christmas day. On Christmas morning he awakens to a blanket of knee deep blue snow covering his backyard. Jake soon discovers that his neighborhood is the only one gifted with the blue stuff and many nosey reporters infiltrate the area like locusts. Naturally, Jake blames himself for making the wish.

Nicola Palmer lets her Christmas imagination throttle loose as she bestows upon Jake every Christmas fantasy imaginable—from talking snowmen to helpful elves, and a dash of Santa Claus. One Strange Christmas is the perfect book for Grandpa to read to his grandchildren, or skeptical Junior to devour in rekindling his faith in the magical world around us.

Merry Christmas,

LA Teacher

Michael Thal is the author of the Koolura Series.

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