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Full On Empty, by Kelly Carroll

The Spiritual Experience of a forty day fast...
Kelly Carroll

benefits of Kelly’s forty day sacrifice include increased intimacy with the Lord, experiencing God’s presence...


Fasting—Anchor Church, Seattle:

Full On Empty, by Kelly Carroll, Tate Publishing, 2011, 244 Pages, ISBN-13: 978-1617773365, $14.99

When Kelly Carroll, “…after 26 years of selfish rebellion…” accepted Christ, God gave her a “strong desire…and hunger…” for more of His presence. That longing led Kelly into a “forty day fast,” an endeavor that would intimidate the most devout among us.

Not only did Kelly want to obey God, she hoped to break spiritual “chains of bondage” that had held her family captive for three and four generations. With issues like “…abandonment, abuse, divorce, drugs…selfishness…carnal living…nonbelieving life styles.”

Full on Empty, taken from Kelly’s daily journal entries, document her fasting and prayer journey. Readers learn what fasting is, differences between fasts and how to fast. Her inspirational narrative of how God turned the “mess” of her life “…into a message for the world,” carries hope and encouragement.

Chapters include Scripture and end with summaries called Afterthoughts. When Kelly’s first day ends pangs of hunger inspire her to affirm, “I…make Jesus Lord…not my stomach.” She does the same with anticipated headaches and determines to “…put aside Queen Headache...”

She uses a film development analogy to describe her growth with God. Just as a photographer uses a darkroom to develop negatives, God used the “negatives” in Kelly’s life, divorce, abandonment and abuse, and spun them into “positives” in His “darkroom.”

Kelly viewedthe “low red darkroom lighting” as the “blood of Jesus that covered her life” when she accepted Christ. The photo drying time she likened to her “growing and maturing time.” Time that enabled her to “…know the what, where, when and why purpose of her life…” that also enabled her to enter “…a place of submission and true worship.” Where she finally felt complete, neither “underdeveloped nor overexposed,” but complete in Christ.

Easter falls on April 8th in 2012, a time many consider fasting from something. Kelly fasted from everything except water, chicken broth and watered down juice for forty days. She recommends the following for anyone who decides to fast:

  • Check with your doctor
  • Determine why you’re fasting and what kind of fast
  • Write down three primary concerns, place them on God’s altar and leave them with Him
  • Keep a daily journal

Some benefits of Kelly’s forty day sacrifice include increased intimacy with the Lord, experiencing God’s presence and breaking of strongholds that resulted in a life-changing spiritual experience. Today, her testimony inspires and encourages others in their Christian walk to follow in her steps. For more online information:

You Tube: Full On Empty:

“How-To”—“Bill Bright”—

Twitter: @GailWelborn

FaceBook: Gail Welborn



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