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Full Moon delivers Trancers The Ultimate Edition to Blu-ray

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Full Moon Horror

Trancers The Ultimate Edition


Full Moon Entertainment has been delivering the sci-fi and horror classics for years. As of late they have been focused more on some of the over the top horror zany films, but back in the day they seemed to spread the range a bot wider. One of their classic films from 1984, Trancers starred Tim Thomerson and an then less known Helen Hunt and introduced the universe to Jack Deth. Now they are bringing the classic to a whole new generation with the Trancers Ultimate Edition Blu-ray.

Trancers followed Jack Deth, a cop/bounty hunter in the bleak Los Angeles of the future. He's become obsessed with chasing Whistler, an evil criminal who uses powerful hypnotic powers to convert people into zombie like creatures known as trancers. Whistler has managed to escape through time travel and is loose in 1980s L.A. but Deth is on his trail. This film is classic Full Moon and brings all the fun you expect from the sci-fi films of the 80s complete with cheesy one liners. If you have never seen it, it isn’t like the full on silly stuff of some of the other Full Moon films, but instead took itself as serious as it could and in turn made for a fun genre flick. The hi-def transfer looks great and helps to keep the film looking better than ever. Sure the look and feel of the film is all 80s, but it still somehow holds up well and is sure to find a whole new audience for the popular franchise.

This is one of those must see for anyone that calls them a fan of classic science fiction and this Blu-ray is the perfect opportunity. This film spawned not only 5 sequels, but included on this release was the lost half hour sequel Trancers: City of Lost Angels that takes place between the first and second film as well as numerous other special features including commentaries, featurettes, interviews, and a gallery.

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