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'Full Gallop': An intimate, elegant one woman show

Sally Edmundson as Diana Vreeland. Photos by Bruce Bennet. Courtesy of Stages Repetory Theatre.
Photos by Bruce Bennet. Courtesy of Stages Repetory Theatre.

Full Gallop


"Full Gallop" premiered Friday at Stages Repertory Theatre. It's an elegant evening that transports audiences back in time to 1971 for an intimate, funny one woman show.

Director Kenn McLaughlin brings the one woman show written by Mark Hampton and Mary Louise Wilson to life. The play was originally performed Off Broadway in 1996 and has since had productions throughout the country. As audiences enter the theater, prepare to be amazed by the lavish set design by Jodi Bobvrosky of the apartment interior. Audiences get the feel of walking into a cozy, old friend's apartment which gets us in the right mood for the production.

"Full Gallop" is a one woman show that tells the story of fashion guru Diana Vreeland (Sally Edmundson) a fired editor in chief of Vogue The artistic world, especially fashion, is filled with those with new hip ideas and those that have been around a while get pushed out. Sadly, this is exactly what happens here.

Edmundson is charming and captivating. She has a straight out of the gate grab you and not let you go personality. The design of the stage and her use of the environment and audience keeps the show engaging and entertaining. The first thought of a one woman show might put audiences off, but they would miss seeing a true artist in top form.

Audiences are invited into her living room for an intimate, casual time of reflection and laughs. She keeps herself in high spirits and has a spit fire personality. She doesn't take anything from anyone despite her current situation.

Audiences get to hear as she name drops her way through the play of all the famous company she has kept. She also has tender moments where she remembers her late husband. The entire play is in waiting for her dinner guests while putting out fires from her cook, who can't seem to find what she needs and Yvonne (Maria Edmundson), her personal assistant. Yvonne serves as a point she can reminisce about her love of Paris despite her being back in New York. Overall, it's an elegant, intimate evening to sit back and catch up with someone who feels like an old friend.

"Full Gallop" is a special engagement playing now through September 14th. For ticket information and to reserve your seat, visit their website at, call or as long as shows don't sell out pick them up at the door. Be sure to check out tickets for "Pete 'n' Keely" closing August 31. Also, check out the website to see what shows are coming up in the 2014-2015 season.

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