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'Fugitive X' by Gregg Rosenblum: Second in the 'Revolution 19' series

Second in the exciting Revolution 19 YA scifi series
Second in the exciting Revolution 19 YA scifi series
courtesy of HarperTeen

Fugitive X by Gregg Rosenblum


"Fugitive X" by Gregg Rosenblum takes readers back into the forest with Nick, Cass and Kevin. They are siblings trying to survive in a world taken over by robots. While they grew up as "freeposters," their parents were captured and taken by the robots to the city to be "reeducated."

In the first book, the three enter the city and manage to find their parents. They end up back in the forest at the beginning of this book, the second in the series.

This story proves to be just as interesting and gripping as the first. Most of the action in the first book takes place in the city, and the reader learns a lot about the Robot War and how it came about. This book takes place almost all in the forest, and the contrast and new characters and situations add to the appeal of the story.

The three siblings are separated at the beginning of this installment. The reader learns each of their subsequent actions and adventures in alternating chapters, and each chapter is compelling, leaving the reader wanting to read what happens next. To find out what happens next, the reader must read the next chapters about the siblings and then get to the continuation -- so the book reads fairly quickly. It's simply hard to put down.

This series is a perfect choice for reluctant readers and readers who enjoy science fiction, adventure and action books. As a teacher, I particularly like that each of the main characters has very different abilities -- and they are all important. It's important for young readers to know that not everyone is good at everything.

Please note: This review is based on the final hardcover book provided by the publisher, HarperTeen, for review purposes.

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