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Ft. Myers Beach Breakfast and Lunch Treat, Heavenly Biscuit

Heavenly Biscuit


Located at the corner of Bonita Beach Rd & Mango Street 239-463-7600

Heavenly Biscuit really is a slice of heaven. Not much to look at in size, very small converted & colorful house, decorated cute beachy, seating inside and out, even out back. Always busy and I know why!

They say they are famous for their cinnamon roles and the biscuit sandwiches and they are RIGHT!

You have to get their early for the super huge and super delicious Sinful Connamon Roll, made fresh on premises.

While waiting for a table, you walk inside to order your food, pick your drink, and grab the first empty seat, then they bring you your food. When it comes to ordering, like I said, you have to get the cinnamon role. You can melt away eating your role while you wait for your HEAVENLY BISCUIT! And yes, they are heavenly. The make the biscuits fresh and you can add around 15 different things to your biscuit, from eggs and cheese to country fried steak to salmon or ahi tuna. Don't forget your side of home fries.

I can honestly say I have been here a few times and have taken various family visiting from out of town and I have been there early in the morning and early lunch time, but I have never tried their lunch item. If they are anything like the biscuits, I am sure they are just as heavenly, but why mess with perfection, stick with the namesake.

A biscuit starts at $1 and goes up from there. So if you want just a cheese and egg biscuit, $1.90! Hello, why would you not go there in this economy! Add a cinnamon role for $2.75 and homefries for $1.50 and you don't have to eat until dinner!

They serve breakfast and lunch and have a BIG take-out clientel because seating is limited and usually taken. They are next to a church, so if you go on Sundays, get there early before church gets out, otherwise forget about it.

It is like eating at your grandma's kitchen, so check it out and enjoy!

See you there!!!!


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