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From tragedy comes a joyful trilogy

The original lead singer chosen for this classic died before the recording session.
The original lead singer chosen for this classic died before the recording session.
Original Cover: Atlantic Records

Record album by The Drifters: Under The Boardwalk (1964)


Here’s why this album should be in your collection!

“Under The Boardwalk” (1964) was the second in what became a thematic trilogy of hits for the Drifters.

Drifters became an apt name for a group that endured frequent lineup changes and lost Clyde McPhatter and Ben E. King as lead singers. But by 1962 they were building a successful run with Rudy Lewis.

Composers Kenny Young and Arthur Resnick inserted lyrics and music into “Under the Boardwalk” that linked directly back to “Up On The Roof.” But Lewis died before the recording session. Johnny Moore, a former Drifters member, was brought back. The song became a chart topping hit and title track for an album featuring other now classic songs with Lewis (“On Broadway,” “Vaya Con Dios,”) and Moore (“I’ll Take You Home,” “One Way Love”) on lead. (A video of “Up On the Roof” with Moore singing lead has also been discovered.)

Under The Boardwalk” has two versions. We’ll be making love, in the chorus refrain, was replaced by we’ll be falling in love, to ensure radio airplay. The trilogy became complete when the Drifters released “I’ve Got Sand In My Shoes,” later in 1964.

This album is available in vinyl, CD, and MP3 format from major vendors. Please consider purchasing it from a local independent record store.

Here’s an interesting fact!

In 1964 the Democratic National Convention convened in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Television networks frequently showed live scenes from the resort area’s famous tourist attraction: The Boardwalk.