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'From Here To Eternity (1953)' Movie Review: Love is fleeting

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From Here to Eternity


It Hawaii, 1941 and private Robert E. Lee Prewitt (Montgomery Clift) is heading over to Captain Holmes (Philip Ober) outfit. Holmes has heard of Prewitt for his boxing prowess. You see Holmes company is up for the Boxing Championship and to have Prewitt fight would mean them winning. Prewitt doesn't want to join the team and fight and everybody and I mean everybody gives him a hard time. The only one who some what understands is Sgt. Warden (Burt Lancaster).

Warden is the man who gets everything done in the outfit. Holmes is one of those commanders who wants to go play and let others do the work. Holmes is has a wife at home but is more interested in playing with all the local girls. His wife Karen (Deborah Kerr) is not a spring chicken but she is not a slouch. She has had just as many affairs as her husband and one would wonder why she stays with him except she likes officers. Unfortunately she falls for Warden and wants him to become an officer but he is hesitant but he does care for her.

Now Prewitt has been out on the town and on leave and he and another private by the name of Angelo Maggio (Frank Sinatra) have ended up at the New Congress Club. Prewitt spots one of the girls and is smitten. Alma (Donna Reed) is her real name but when at the club she is called Lorene. The two will fall in love and eventually try to make ago of it.

Now Maggio has this thing with a certain Sargent by the name of Judson (Ernest Borgnine). He is called "Fatso" but he is in charge of the brig. Now the two will go at it when Maggio goes AWOL. He gets sentenced to 6 months in the Brig and "Fatso" lays into him. Maggio will later die and this will send Prewitt over the edge for revenge. You have to watch this fantastic movie to see the end. You see all this takes place days before the bombing of Pearl harbor by the Japanese and the beginning of WWII.

Director Fred Zinnemann brings us one the best movies of all time. The cast he secured is probably one of the greatest of all time. The suspense with the beginning of WWII lends this movie that extra little something and makes it one of everybody's favorite.