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'Frog and Friends: Frog Saves the Day' by Eve Bunting

Lovely beginning picture book
courtesy of Sleeping Bear Press

Frog and Friends: Frog Saves the Day by Eve Bunting


Eve Bunting doesn't disappoint, even with her books for very beginning chapter book readers. "Frog and Friends: Frog Saves the Day" is a book that's just right for those just beginning their adventure into chapter books. It has two stories, and both are stories that will make children laugh.

It can be important to ease some readers gently into chapter books. They are reluctant to leave the pictures behind, but don't want to be left out while their friends are reading chapter books. Beginning chapter books can bridge that gap.

"Frog and Friends" is labeled for grades one and two, but it might be appropriate for hesitant third graders or precocious kindergarteners. It has plenty of text but also illustrations that will help children visualize what is going on in the story.

The stories include one about a green dragon. Kids will be amused when they realize that the green dragon is a train. The animals discuss how horrible it is that the "dragon" ate all the people they see inside. The second story is about a possum with five babies named One, Two, Three, Four and Five. Five slips into the river. Frog saves the baby. It's cleverly written and kids will love the happy and humorous ending.

Perfect for primary classrooms or for reading aloud at home, this book will be enjoyed by kids of many ages.

Please note: This review is based on the final softcover book provided by the publisher, Sleeping Bear Press, for review purposes.

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