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Fright Night remake review

"Fright Night" (2011)


Not having seen the original Fright Night a comparison cannot be made, however the creators of the remake have been quite forward about their version of Fright Night focusing more on the horror aspect than on being a horror comedy as the original did. That being said, this new version of Fright Night has some major elements of comedy in it that, despite the makers focusing on the horror elements, will have the audience in stitches.

Colin Farrell, while considered sexy among much of the female populace, has never held much sway with this examiner. But seeing him in this movie might just be taste-changing if only for the duration of the movie itself. Not only does he look good (and grotesquely monstrous when the situation calls for it), but his acting is subtle and realistic. Suddenly he exudes a Dracula amount of charm and some female viewers might find themselves wishing they were his next victim, despite the guarantee of becoming supremely ugly after his deadly kiss.

While Farrell is being dangerously seductive and deadly, David Tennant is left scratching his… um… his head. His southern head. Quite literally actually as his character complains of the repercussions of wearing leather pants. Remembering Tennant in roles like Dr. Who and Barty Crouch Jr, it’s difficult to watch him in such a role of complete comedy without laughing out loud at the ridiculousness of his character and situation. This is a compliment as Tennant proves to be the most entertaining part of the entire movie and quite literally a joy to see on the screen while he guzzles booze and makes sailors blush with his language.

The rest of the cast and story could be hogwash while these two actors are on the screen, but luckily it’s not. Anton Yelchin plays the teenage hero to an admirable degree though perhaps most boys his age would’ve been wetting themselves and forgetting all about creepy neighbors if they had had a fox like Imogen Poots (who plays Amy Yelchin’s girlfriend) trying to get them into bed. But, then, this kind of behavior just shows Yelchin’s character to be the mocha chino nerd that he tries so hard not to be.

This Fright Night remake gets a riotous 4.5 out of 5 stars.