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'Friends With Benefits (2011)' Movie Review: Love is fickle

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'Friends With Benefits (2011)'


Jamie (Mila Kunis) is a headhunter for a job agency based out of New York. She has the task of bringing recruits to GQ magazine. One of her leads is a man from California by the name of Dylan (Justin Timberlake). Now Dylan is hesitant because he knows no one in New York, and he would have to relocate all the way across country.

With some doing Jamie lands herself a mission accomplished from her company as Dylan accepts the job. Dylan likes his new job and his co-workers especially Tommy (Woody Harrelson) who is a nice enough fellow and the two hit it off.

Dylan doesn't know anyone and he ends up hanging out with Jamie. They talk about everything and anything. One subject they talk about is sex and dating. Eventually they agree to the sex but the dating thing they put on hold. So they become friends with benefits. Sex with no heartaches or problems. They think they have found the best relationship. On their first encounter Dylan gets to meet Jamie's mom as she make herself at home and barges in on them. Jamie's mom (Patricia Clarkson), is a little open with her ways. Well let's just say she is not sure who Jamie's father really was. She is a free spirit when it comes to relationships and sex.

This is all well and good but when Jamie hooks up with another guy he pulls the hey I just want to be friends and have sex thing. She is a little put off. When she hears of Dylan heading back to California for the 4th of July weekend, her gets her a ticket and away they go. She meets his father (Richard Jenkins) and his sister Annie (Jenna Elfman) and all seem to get along.

Jamie hears Dylan talking to Annie about their relationship and finds out that he really doesn't love her. Jamie has fallen for Dylan and she is now hurt. She heads back to New York on the first plane and goes crying to mother. Dylan also goes back to New York and is very confused. He really thought all was well with Jamie and he doesn't realize that he also has fallen for her. Love can be fickle that way I guess.

Director Will Gluck brings us a love story with a few twists and turns. He has brought us the 21st century love story. One that people do every day, a story of people who just don't have a clue when it comes to love. Cute movie and the cast fits very nicely. Watch the movie and maybe you might learn something about modern love.