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Friends Bar in OKC and Rex the bartender

If you need to cry in your beer, whine in your wine, laugh in your glass....

Friends Bar


My friend Luana said to me, “You need a drink.”

She had me get into her brand- new van, buckle my seat belt, and started driving.

We finally pulled into a shopping center, and in the middle of the shopping center, was a big sign, Friends Bar. We walked into an almost empty, dimly lit, definitely country, dance hall and tavern. Luana looked around and said, “Usually it is packed.”

It was May 5th, Cinco de Mayo or Sinko de Mayo, for me, it was the second worse day of my life. Not having a huge crowd was just what I needed, a quiet drink with my friend to talk about the day, and try to find some peace. We sat on the far end of the bar, and almost immediately, Rex; the bartender came to take our orders. My friend is a beer drinker, and they had just what she wanted. I am a wine drinker. This was not a fine wine bar. I asked Rex what they had. I was feeling tired, cranky, and down, so I am sure I did not ask in the nicest way. He calmly looked at me and said, “I will let you have a taste first to see if you like it.” Then he turned and poured me half a glass. It was satisfactory, so I thanked him, and apologized for my rude behavior.

Rex looked at my friend and I, then back at me and said, “I know by the look on your face you have had one of those days. Do you want to talk about it?”

Next thing I knew, Luana had ordered another beer; I had ordered another wine, and I was spilling my guts to this kind man I had never met before. He was a good listener and not judgmental. I was feeling a little better spewing out my woes to him and watching the crowd start to come in. It was life, and watching it happen around me, people laughing, singing, and dancing brought a bit of joy into the evening. Rex ceremoniously set two more drinks in front of us, and said, “Taste this; on the house, it is a new drink I invented.”

Luana and I clinked our glasses, and tasted the tootsie roll flavored drink he had treated us to. I can’t say either of us really liked it, but it was served with such passion and compassion, we drank it anyway.

Rex was proud of Friends, and the warm atmosphere he created. Friends has it all, caring bar-tenders, a sports bar, game room, honky tonk club, shuffleboards, pool tables, and strong drinks. It also features live music and karaoke.

The age range looked to be from age twenty-one to eighty-one. I could tell everyone was welcome at Friends, and found out most of their bartenders have been there for decades. That speaks volumes for the owner of the establishment.

If you need to cry in your beer, whine in your wine, laugh in your glass, or have a good time, Friends is a good choice.

Friends Bar is located at 3705
W. Memorial, OKC, OK. 73134


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