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Freight Train by Donald Crews iPhone Application

Freight Train App
Freight Train App
Curious Puppy/HarperCollins Childrens

Freight Train iPhone/iPad App


When the saying goes ‘the classics never get old’, it is so true. Many of the greatest children’s picture books have been made into collector series, games, movies, interactive games, plush toys and now iPhone (iPad) applications. With many children having differing learning styles, touch screen devices are helpful for interactive books and learning games. One of the newest Applications is Freight Train based on the book Freight Train by Donald Crews.

This storybook/game is a great learning adventure for tots. Probably, best on an iPad (because of the larger size) the story is complete with songs, games, manipulatives – all the bells and whistles, literally. As the freight train pulls in you can meet the people who work on the train, learn the colors, names and purposes of each car on the train, load and unload the freight and manipulate the “bells & whistles” on the engine. The music can be turned on or off and the ability to go forward and back using the arrows is also available. You definitely need to “play around and explore” each area of the train to see/hear the cause and effect of each activity. The interactive games get a thumbs up.

As with all applications – there are some quirks but these can be adjusted by resetting or reinstalling the application. It is a big file especially for the iPhone so you may have to go directly to iTunes to search and purchase.

You can also check out the Curious Puppy website to preview or buy the Freight Train application. So “come on down and watch the freight train”. Chugga, chugga, chooo, chooo……

More info - Inside the Freight Train

Thank you to HarperCollins Children's and Curious Puppy for providing a preview of the Freight Train application.