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Freehand, Sketching Tips and Tricks Drawn From Art by Helen Birch

Freehand, Sketching Tips and Tricks Drawn From Art


As the title suggests, 'Freehand, Sketching Tips and Tricks Drawn From Art,' is a book filled with with tips and tricks on how to become a better artist.

At first glance the pages of the book look to be filled with just 100 or so pictures of art created by some of today's well known artists. Each picture however illustrates a fundamental technique - like line, tone, color and more. As you leaf through the book you can pick and choose which of the fundamentals you want to practice.

The book is divided into tips on drawing fundamentals, principles elements like line and shading, medium, types of drawing and subject matter like animals or people. Each page offers a description of the art piece and how they created the piece. Each artist also offers some advice on how any artist either well seasoned or novice can recreate the technique on their own.

For instance in a section on Sketchbooking, Sophie Leblanc, talks about the use of your sketchbook as a way to record what peaks your curiosity. The sketchbook is the extension of the artist and must be used in such a way as to keep you practicing.and learning the craft of being an artist.

In Negative Space Stephanie, Kubo, talks about the importance of using negative space in creating art. He illustrates how negative space creates pictures with more depth and definition.

Some of the advice in the book is conventional, other advice is more off the wall like one of the artists who uses touch up software to enhance their art projects.

The whole idea of this book is keep you learning as an artist. Art is not about creating by the book but outside the box. This book while not a traditional art how to book offers many tips and tricks which help you step out of the box in order to become more creative outside the boundary of rules.

Freehand is a book which needs to be on any artists bookshelf or downloaded into to their electronic reading device for those times when the creative juices seem to have dried up and little spark of inspiration is needed.

Pick up this book, read it, play with the techniques and grow as an artist.

Print Length: 224 pages
Publisher: Chronicle Books LLC (September 10, 2013)
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
Language: English

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