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Free entertainment in Gilbert Arizona every night at sunset (Photos)

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The Sunset over Val Vista Lakes


Free daily entertainment in Gilbert, Arizona! Okay… its free everywhere, but I view them mostly from Gilbert.

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There is a lake beside the Fry's grocery store on Val Vista and Baseline that hosts a show every night at approximately 5:30 p.m. Check here to see what the exact time will be...

It's free, it's breath-taking and it causes people who were running to the store for onions and cookie mix (not for the same recipe) to become entangled in the enchantment of nature and all her splendor.

When the sun sets behind the palm trees and shimmers off the lake, how can one not pause for *just* a moment and admire? Before you know it, 20 minutes has gone by...but the colors are constantly changing and to leave in the middle of the show is nearly impossible.

When the news is bad, followed by worse, followed by unimaginably horrifying – sometimes simple pleasures like a sunset turning the sky pink, purple, yellow, then the most brilliant orange on the planet can be both mesmerizing and restorative to the weary spirit.

So… sit, relax, enjoy…the show happens every night, rain or shine. Admission is free and the duration of splendor is about 20 minutes or so.

C'mon… you have 20 minutes - right? Trust me… the cookies and onions can wait.