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Franz Orange Cranberry Bread review

Franz Orange Cranberry bread is a limited edition seasonal item that only comes out in the fall.
Nicole Ramage

Franz Orange Cranberry Bread


Each year, Franz bread company puts out a limited edition seasonal bread. This year, the autumnal flavor was orange cranberry. Franz hit the nail on the head with this one. While most would assume that, since real fruit is used, the bread would be really dense and heavy, they would be wrong. The bread did contain bits of orange and dried cranberries but the bread wasn't any more dense because of it.

I used the bread in multiple ways, and some were obviously better than others. It makes great toast, but it isn't a great bread for French Toast because it is too heavy for that. If you make sandwiches with cream cheese and turkey, it tastes just like something that you'd enjoy after Thanksgiving with your left overs.

I purchased this bread at my local Kroger store. For a 20-ounce loaf, I paid $2.89. The price is equivalent to other name brand breads in my grocery store's bakery. Even my son loved this bread, which is rare since he has eating issues and food allergies. My fiance wasn't as much of a fan of the bread because he said that the cranberries gave an overwhelming flavor, which nobody else agreed with.

Overall, Franz Orange Cranberry Bread was quite delicious and worth the money paid. Not only was it like a little slice of Thanksgiving left overs in the middle of August, but it was nice to have something different for breakfast. I highly recommend this bread, and all of the other limited edition, seasonal Franz breads. If you like autumnal flavors, then you'll like this seasonal flavor as well.