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I, Frankenstein


Victor Frankenstein creates and then rejects his creation, a monster. This happened in the year of 1795. The monster doesn't take the rejection very well and in a fit of anger, it kills Dr. Frankenstein's wife. Frankenstein wants revenge and follows the monster to the Arctic but he freezes to death before he can get his revenge. The monster then buries his creator but demons attack it in the darkness but the gargoyles save the monster. The gargoyles are ordered to bring the monster to the gargoyle queen. The gargoyle queen explains to the monster that the gargoyles were created by the Archangel Michael. They were to fight the demons that are sent to earth. The queen invites the monster to stay and fight with them but the creature declines their offer and leaves their gargoyle bailiwick.

For centuries, the creature(given the name of Adam), fends off demons on earth. A policeman is killed at a nightclub and Adam is summons by the clan of gargoyles yet again. The demons report that the creature is still alive after all of this time to their leader. The demonic clan has attempted to reanimate several corpses through modern day science. They want the secret of creating life.

The gargoyle clan is attacked by the demonic clan but Adam convinces the gargoyles of his innocence. The gargoyle queen is captured by the demonic clan and several are slaughtered in the process. Gideon, the commander of the gargoyles wants to exchange Frankenstein's journal for the gargoyle queen. The queen forbids the trade but Gideon does it anyway. Adam follows some of the demonic entities and learns of their plan to raise corpses from the dead by allowing each of the corpses to be possessed by a demonic entity from hell.

Adam warns the gargoyle clan of the demonic entities plan. The gargoyle queen orders her commander to kill the creature, Adam, but Gideon is unsuccessful and Adam ends his life. Adam burns his master's diary so that no one may learn of the secret of creating life by his master's hand. Adam battles several demonic entities in order to try and save the scientist by the name of Terra. The demon's master, Naberious attempts to have one of his demonic entities try and attempt to possess Adam. The possession is completely unsuccessful due to Frankenstein(Adam) actually having a soul due to all of the demons he has eliminated from the earth. Adam takes on the demonic master and literally carves a gargoyle symbol on Naberious and stops the possessions of the corpses and sends the demonic master to hell once again. The entire building collapses and Frankenstein is falling into the depths of hell.

The gargoyle queen recognizes Frankenstein's bravery and saves his life. Frankenstein tells Terra goodbye once again and picks up right where he left off, to rid the world of the demonic entities that may enter it and he embraces his true name, Frankenstein.

This movie gets 5 stars from this movie critic. I figured that it would be boring and the same stuff you usually visualize. The gargoyle story was different and enlightening. This movie critic takes her hat off to Hollywood once again. Good job! My new friend and I loved it!