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Francesca Garibaldi - Seattle massage therapist

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Seattle Massage Therapist


Francesca Garibaldi is the type of therapist whose passion for healing and massage can make the most burnt out LMP excited about massage again. A former pre-med student, Francesca decided to change career tracks as a result of a spiritual awakening. While finishing her undergraduate degree she fell in love with yoga and meditation and decided that western medicine wasn’t in line with how she could best help people. From there she moved back to the Pacific Northwest to attend Ashmead’s massage program nine years ago. (Full disclosure: the author of this article was a teaching assistant for two of her classes. Ashmead is now Everest College)

In an industry where many therapists experience burn out after a couple of years, Francesca is thriving. She is still deeply in love with massage therapy and it shows in her enthusiasm, genuine smile, and grounded presence at the healing table.

Her hands on skills are excellent, and she is an absolute geek in the best sense when it comes to learning new information. Her body mechanics are spot on, and she can bring on deep tissue work with the best of them. And while her knowledge is vast, she also has a quality to her work that can’t be taught: she has “the touch”. She combines her understanding of the human body with her observations and intuition in a way that transcends therapy into artistry.

Francesca takes most forms of insurance, specializes in Intra-Oral massage and Reiki. She can be reached at: