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Framing Hanley release The Sum Of Who We Are today and Nixon interview

The Sum Of Who We Are by Framing Hanley


Framing Hanley has a new album out today, ‘The Sum Of Who We Are’ which truly is a soundtrack of the bands struggles and successes over the last two years. Easily the bands most artistic album to date, the songs catch every emotion the band dealt with as they overcame some challenges and ultimately triumphed with this album. As seen below, the band will be here in Syracuse and a couple of other spots around New York state in about a week. Check the dates below.

Framing Hanley
Framing Hanley

The band has back-up with the fabulous vocals of Lindsey Stamey of ‘Oh No Fiasco’ on the song ‘Rollercoaster’ and as Nixon told me, this is a band everyone should know about. Stamey has an incredible voice and looking further into “Oh No Fiasco’, they are indeed a band that I am coming to know more of.

I was such a fan of her voice that I always wanted to do a song with her and that song, I felt, definitely called for a female vocal. As a fan, it was an honor to have her on the album. - Nixon

Framing Hanley line-up:

  • Nixon – vocals /guitar
  • Ryan – guitar/vocals
  • Brandon – guitar/vocals
  • Chris – drums/vocals

The Sum Of Who We Are track list:

  1. Criminal
  2. Twisted Halos
  3. Collide
  4. Crooked Smiles
  5. Simple Life
  6. Rollercoaster (featuring Lindsey Stamey)
  7. No Saving Me
  8. Unbreakable
  9. Science
  10. Streetlights And Silhouettes
  11. Crash & Burn
  12. Forever Till The End
  13. Castaway

The album is melodic, full of hooks, and also has some sweet spots such as the ballad ‘Unbreakable’ which as Nixon told me:

It is about my wedding day actually. When we recorded that song, three of us had gotten married within like six months of us going into the studio. It was an experience that we all had and it felt like it was not just a contrived love song, it was actually recalling that day.

The band throws some self-reflection out there as anyone that has gone through some struggles would as heard on ‘Crash & Burn’.

To a degree, we felt like maybe things had fallen apart, everything we had worked to build on the previous five years had just all fallen apart. It was like “I can’t change that, it’s happened” but let’s get this ship back on course, let’s fix this. – Nixon

There is a little venom and disdain as well as heard on ‘Criminal’ and ‘Crooked Smiles’ that take on some personal observances and occurrences. Nixon laughed when I brought that up.

“There is some disdain in some of the songs. I guess the best way to explain it is there were some lows over the past few years in our lives. There were also some great things. It’s just really a summation of what we have been through and that is where the title came from. Everything that we’ve gone through, it’s just our story.” – Nixon

We also touched on the bands name and how it is a tribute to there friend Ashley who sadly passed after an auto accident. The band is also ecstatic to finally get back out on the road and are headed to a town near you soon.

I found them to be truly down-to-earth and easy to engage in a conversation, just regular guys from the South, really. Framing Hanley has made one outstanding record with ‘The Sum Of Who We Are’. It truly is a must own, so go get it now, it is available everywhere today!

Tour Dates (NY areas)

May 07 Upstate Concert Hall w/ Devour The Day

Clifton Park, NY

May 08 The Lost Horizon w/ Devour The Day

Syracuse, NY

May 09 The Chance w/ Devour The Day

Poughkeepsie, NY


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