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Framing Hanley, Devour The Day, 3 Years Hollow and more rock The Lost Horizon

Framing Hanley, Devour The Day, Starset, 3 Years Hollow, and Feeding Affliction rocked The Loast Horizon in Syracuse, N.Y.
Framing Hanley, Devour The Day, Starset, 3 Years Hollow, and Feeding Affliction rocked The Loast Horizon in Syracuse, N.Y.
David Garlow

Framing Hanley, Devour The Day, 3 Years Hollow, Starset in concert


The Lost Horizon was rocking last night as Framing Hanley, Devour The Day, Starset, 3 Years Hollow, and local rockers Feeding Affliction shook the floors and the walls. With doors opening at 6:30 there was a decent line waiting to enter the iconic club by 6:15. It was an all-ages show and a Thursday so it would be an earlier night. The crowd had a nice mix of teens, 20-somethings, and some of us +30 and up folks. Everybody was in a good mood and people mixed and talked in line and throughout the night with absolutely not one problem. The Lost Horizon staff did an exceptional job from boss and 95X DJ Scott Dixon to the bar staff, security, sound and lighting people and the young lady taking tickets at the door. One young man came all the way from Lowville with friends to catch the show. They partied hard but were harmless and had a designated driver so the youth gets it, which was nice to hear and see.

Framing Hanley live
Chip Schilling

Before the music started I had the time to visit with each band both in the club and outside which is where I met Starset for the first time. They just recently signed on with Razor & Tie and were excited about that and the show. Honestly, I had no idea who they were at that point but after seeing and hearing them, that will change immediately. Blake and Joey of Devour The Day were very cool and chatted with everyone at the merch tables. Was nice they remembered our interview from last year. I got a lot of that from the bands, which I needed to hear, so thanks guys, all of you. Anyway, from there I headed out onto Framing Hanley’s truck where we chatted it up as they relaxed after dinner and played Xbox. Nixon was cool and was happy to meet in person after our recent interview. It was just about show time so inside I went.

Feeding Affliction kicked it off with a tight, energetic set that had the crowd rocking along and singing along. It was good to finally meet the guys and see them perform. Lead singer Eric Johnson was gracious in giving me a copy of their CD and the band is headed into the studio in August, so we all wait on that one. From what I saw and heard, it will be killer. If you have not seen Feeding Affliction yet, you must catch them live; they rock, plain and simple.

Next up were 3 Years Hollow. I called the bands debut album ‘The Cracks’ album of the year material back in January (read it here) and I stand by that statement. After seeing them live, I second that statement. These guys rock. Tight riffs, a nice stage show with some pretty cool synched moves, this is a band with all the tools for big things. I met the guys after the set that had the house roaring, which I know earned them a lot of new fans, and I must say they had me laughing. I was near the front door and forgot the mannequin behind me, which they made some funny banter about, at my expense. Singer Jose Urquiza and I chatted quite a bit. He is very down to earth and he told me that my review was the one that gave him confidence as they made the decision to quit their jobs and tour full time not all that long ago. We talked about some things coming up that are yet to be announced and I was excited for him and the band. I told him, “Regardless of whom you share a stage with, just remember that you guys belong.” Look for that news when it goes live and trust me, these guys are that good.

Starset was next. I had never heard them or about them. If you don’t know them, the first thing that came to mind was Linkin Park. They have a really full sound with some excellent harmonies. They also put on a high energy show that had the fans screaming and rocking. As I stated earlier, look for more on them soon, they were a pleasant surprise for this writer.

Devour The Day stormed the stage with fire and the fans were loud as they rocked the house. The band has fast become a CNY favorite and they looked at home tearing up the stage. It was a smaller crowd, but a passionate one and Blake fired them up at every turn. Devour The Day is another band that you should have in your CD collection and catch live as soon as you can. Check out our interview below.

Framing Hanley was next up and suddenly the stage area was packed with girls of all ages screaming away. There were also a lot of guys head banging and jumping along with the band. Lead singer Nixon had told me how much energy the band brings to the stage after being away for too long and he wasn’t lying. Look for the link to the interview below. These guys put on a show! These guys have some killer music that was even better live. They get up close with the fans fist bumping, slapping hands, even putting their heads down and letting the fans mess up their hair. Nixon grabbed one fans camera that was taking video and shot the crowd with his camera rolling. The band had the fans in a frenzy and as I looked around more than a few girls had tears as they shouted I love you! to the band. Framing Hanley is the real deal so check their schedule; you do not want to miss them live. Very cool people, very appreciative of the fans, and an off the hook live show; see them near you soon and go pick up the new CD today.