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Foxy Brown's "U Aint Ruff Enough": A comeback in the making?

Foxy Brown's "U Aint Ruff Enough"


This morning I caught a few tweets from Brooklyn rapper Foxy Brown claiming that "U Ain't Ruff Enough" isn't a single dropping on Janurary 1, nor is it one she authorized. Having listened to the song myself, it's definetely Foxy's vocals (no "Breaking News" controversy here) and it contains a slamming rock track in the background. I personally see it as a comeback single for Brown, or at least a showcase of whether she still has it as a rapper.

Foxy Brown may have a new hit with some tweaking in "U Ain't Ruff Enough"
Def Jam/Violator

There are few issues that I see with this song. First and foremost, a rapper's vocals are the most important to a hip-hop song and shouldn't be drowned out by the background music. Producer Daddy Biggz, who worked on this track, should remix the song with a better balance of Foxy's rough vocals and the rock background music.

One more thing that I would do that would make the single better is a redux on the chorus. The vocals on that sound off as if they can't catch up with the background music. I could understand that if it was a Wakka Flocka track where that wouldn't even be a concern, but a Foxy Brown track should have be tight and rough, yet smooth the way some of her earlier work was.

Despite her jail time and her fighting with different record labels and managers, I believe Foxy Brown deserves another chance to make a name for herself in the rap game. She doesn't deserve another shelved album as her previous two attempts (The Fever and Black Roses).