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Four Year Strong 'Living Proof Of A Stubborn Youth' Review

Four Year Strong - "Living Proof Of A Stubborn Youth"


Josh Lyford's departure was a noticeable transition for Four Year Strong, and a difference in sound emerged with In Some Way Shape Or Form. They've continued this progression into their brand new EP to be released July 22, Go Down In History. The latest teased track "Living Proof Of A Stubborn Youth" dots the signature on this departure from the lightly glazed pop-punk into full blown hard-rock territory. The new track premiered on Absolute Punk this morning, and holds up well for a group that's taking a brand new turn in their career.

Earlier this month FYS released another track on the EP to get the excitement brewing, "Tread Lightly," which further reinforced the new direction the group is taking. Though there's still a familiar flavor of pop-esque hooks and the always favorite complex lead riffs complementing the intermission between verses and holding up the chorus, it's almost refreshing how much more heavier they've gotten on the whole.

Cresting the wave of change, "Living Proof Of A Stubborn Youth," is a bit of a contrast to "Tread Lightly." Whereas the aforementioned track hits hard straight from the get-go, only to reprise the groups popular hooks by the chorus, "Living Proof" immediately hits a home-run with fast chugging and a punk-rock vibe in the vocals that reminds of Sum 41's heyday album Underclass Hero, but with far more zest.

Four Year Strong hit one home with this new EP, or at least, that's the impression that comes off of it. What listeners can expect from the group this summer is definitely a start contrast of who they were during the Lyford days when pop-punk was all-inclusive for synth players and special effects to build up the songs. If you liked FYS on their last album, or just looking for something a little less than metal and a little more than whimsy, July 22 may be a very good day for you.

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