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Foundations for Success: NYC 4th grader reviews online learning site

STEM in action!
STEM in action!
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Foundations for Success: Online STEM learning website


Earlier this month, the NY Gifted Education Examiner featured an NYC 4th grader's review of a new, on-line science learning site, World Science U.

One of the best things about living in 2014 is the mountains and mountains of on-line options that curious kids have when it comes to pursuing their interests - whatever those may be.

One of the worst things about living in 2014 is the mountains and mountains of on-line options that curious kids have when it comes to pursuing their interests - whatever those may be.

How are you supposed to parse through all those options and find the one that's right for you - or, more importantly, for your child?

After all, what appeals to an adult, may not necessarily be the same thing that appeals to a budding young scientist (and most websites are designed by adults, not kids).

That's why the NY Gifted Education Examiner once again turns to a 4th grader for a review of yet another on-line STEM learning site, Foundations 4 Success:

Foundations for Success is a website that helps people who are interested in STEM fields learn and explore. For every STEM field, there are a few categories, such as in science there is biology, chemistry, and space exploration. Within these categories there are 3 grade levels. They are K-2, 3-5, and 6-9. In these categories, they have links to “Featured Content” and “Featured Videos” that are for that age group, such as in Space Exploration ages 3-5 there is a link to a website that has activities and games.

Foundations for Success has a variety of different topics under the main STEM fields, such as chemistry, robotics, mechanical, applied mathematics, and computer science, so there are many options to chose from. However, much of what it has links to is not on the website itself. Because it has age groups, though, you can find what you want for your age without a huge search. So if you are in 4th grade, you can easily select grades 3-5.

In Science/Space Exploration/Grades 3-5, there was a website that I went to with games and activities on it. I played a game called Photon Pile-Up. In the game, there was a telescope and you had to rotate it so that the proper kind of photons went together and, at the end, you could see what the telescope was looking at.

I also looked at different images from space in Cosmic Colors so I could change how I saw it, such as changing it to ultraviolet or X-ray. This was pretty cool and really went with the topic.

In Technology/Robotics/Grades 6-9, I watched a few videos that show you how to make a robot in 13 minutes. I think this is a good thing to put in the robotics category and it can definitely help you learn.

In Engineering/Chemical/Grades K-2, I played a game called Truck Loader 4. It was easy at first, but it quickly got very challenging - just like engineering! It also teaches you about trial and error. Then I watched a video called Know More about Chemical Engineering. It explained what a chemical engineer was, and what they do.

In Mathematics/Mathematics in Real Life/Grades 3-5, I watched a video that shows you where math is all around us, and how you use it in real life. Math is in everything, and you see it everywhere. That is why it’s important.

I would rate this site four stars because I think it would be better if it had more on its own website, and because some things are off topic.

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