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'Forget Me' by K. A. Harrington: Mystery and romance for the young adult reader

Murder and mystery abound in this young adult novel
courtesy of Putnam Books

Forget Me by K. A. Harrington


K. A. Harrington (also known as Kim Harrington) is the author of "Forget Me," a tightly-woven mystery for young adult readers. Harrington manages to create a story that has many twists and turns before the very satisfying ending.

The protagonist is Morgan, who lives with her parents in a dying town. Stell, the pharmaceutical company that failed after killing people with its migraine medication, caused the downfall of the town, whose inhabitants depended on the huge corporation for its livelihood.

When her boyfriend of several months is killed by a mysterious black SUV, Morgan mourns his death. On the three-month anniversary of his death, her best friend urges her to post something online to get some closure. Morgan, an aspiring photographer, posts her only picture of him and is shocked when his picture is matched with someone else. Someone who is alive.

Morgan is determined to investigate, and what she uncovers, with the help of her best friend and her boyfriend's look-alike, will rock not only her family and those close to her, but the whole town.

Harrington sticks with reality here -- no paranormal complications as when she writes as Kim Harrington -- and she does so beautifully. The action is in some ways dependent on bringing the characters together, and she does so in a way that seems natural and interesting. Characters are not one-dimensional and she manages to make them all seem real.

It's not a heavy read but rather a book that will be easily finished in a day at the beach, and it will be enjoyed by readers from the middle grades through high school.

Please note: This review is based on the final hardcover book provided by the publisher, Putnam, for review purposes.

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