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Forever After introduces feisty heroine with heart of a warrior

Paisley Kirkpatrick's cover art evokes the drama and romance in her sweeping sage Forever After
Paisley Kirkpatrick's cover art evokes the drama and romance in her sweeping sage Forever After
Cover art courtesy Paisley Kirkpatrick

Forever After by Paisley Kirkpatrick


The saga of the Benjamin sisters of the Paradise Pines series continues with Forever After as Marinda Benjamin finds herself used as the stakes in a poker game between unscrupulous businessman Jonas Danforth and town bad boy Patrick Braddock. She stands to lose, whichever of them wins.

Author Paisley Kirkpatrick brings 1850 to life with a rousing tale of deception and passion that carries readers from Illinois down to Panama and around to California. The Benjamin family has suffered under the actions of Danforth. Two older sisters have fled west already, leaving Marinda to care for her aging mother while her father serves jail time at Danforth's instigation. What can Marinda do to keep her virtue and dignity under such trying circumstances without endangering her beloved parents?

Marinda must deal with Patrick's brother, Dr. Ethan Braddock. She finds herself attracted to the good physician even as he discovers the value of this woman he initially disdained. Amid the high adventure these two face, will there be time for love?

Part of the charm of Kirkpatrick's Paradise Pines series comes from her deep appreciation of California's Gold Country and its history. She calls on family traditions of coming to California to enrich her stories with the details of a world now gone. The Paradise Pines series began introducing the Benjamin sisters with Night Angel, continued with Marriage Bargain and now Forever After.

As with the earlier novels, we find women trying to contend with a man’s world and finding ways to succeed while remaining true to themselves. They don’t hesitate to fight for what they believe to be right. No dainty flowers, these ladies. They may not always make the right choice but they step up to life with grit and determination.

This book will appeal to lovers of romance, history and Westerns. Historic romance takes a journey to remember in Paisley Kirkpatrick’s Forever After, available in both print and ebook versions.

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