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'Forbidden Planet (1956)' Movie Review: Mind over matter

'Forbidden Planet (1956)' Movie Review: Mind over matter
'Forbidden Planet (1956)' Movie Review: Mind over matterMGM

Forbidden Planet


The Planet Cruiser C57D is about to orbit a planet that might have some survivors from the Bellerophon expedition that was last heard from some 20 years ago. As they orbit, they are being scanned. Dr. Morbius (Walter Pidgeon) tells them he is not in need of any help and that it might be dangerous if they land. Commander Adams (Leslie Nielsen) disregards the warning and lands anyway.

Immediately Adams deploys a security force and within a short time you can see dust cloud coming towards them. In a car, a robot by the of Robby welcomes them to the planet. Robby invites them for some food and to see Dr. Morbius. Morbius impresses the men with Robby and all he can do. What impresses the men even more is Morbius's daughter, Altaira (Anne Francis). For someone in space for over a year she is a sight for old eyes, so to speak. Okay, she is very attractive.

Morbius answers the questions about what happened to the Bellerophon crew. He tells them about this creature or force that literally ripped the people apart. In the end it was he and his wife to survive. His wife would later die and it was now just him and his daughter.

Adams explains to Morbius that it will take about ten days for them to be able to take off. Morbius has Robby help them the next morning with some of the work and supplies they need. In other words Morbius wants them off the planet.

That night some weird things took place aboard the ship and some things come up missing. One is desperately needed and Adams goes back to Morbius to confront him. Morbius tells them of an ancient civilization called the Krell. That they died off some 2000 centuries before in a single night. That they did visit Earth. He also shows them an underground installation that is left. It's immense and has knowledge beyond their wildest dreams.

The question is are the Krell really dead and gone or is their something left of them on the planet. To find out you must finish watching the movie.

For 1956, Director Fred M. Wilcox does a wonderful job with this one. It is probably one of the best of it's time and a leader for the rest that followed for film on space exploration. This is the grandfather of science fiction and is one of the best. Enjoy.