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For former omnivores, Quorn chik'n the best choice for vegetarian chicken

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Quorn chik'n products


Eyebrows raise when vegetarian manufacturers promote a product that "tastes just like [insert meat]." Most brands are better off just promoting the vegetarian product as is. For people born vegans and vegetarians, this trick may work. But for omnivores making the transition from meat to vegan and vegetarian products, the difference in taste will be as obvious as water is wet. The only gray area comes in the form of Quorn products.

Quorn chik'n cutlets: These are a great option to bake and chop up into a romaine and/or baby lettuce salad. Because the taste is a bit bland, adding it to casserole dishes with salad dressing or vegan mayonnaise is a yummy option.

Chik'n bites: These vegetarian chicken nuggets are about even with the spicy flavor of MorningStar Farms buffalo wings.

Chik'n patties: Do not microwave these. They're much better if they're crunchy, but they'll also taste better with vegan mayonnaise. For vegetarians, Kraft Mayo with Olive Oil is a good option to add some flavor to a sandwich and even more mouthwatering with a Brownberry wheat sandwich roll.

Jalapeno and three cheese stuffed chik'n cutlets: For the best example of vegetarian chicken, this is what will make omnivores not miss meat nearly as much if at all. When baked, the chik'n is crunchy, cheesy, spicy and delicious. The box comes with two chik'n cutlets. Good luck with having enough discipline to eat just one.

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