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For a new snack treat try pasta chips by Vintage Italia

Pasta Chips garlic olive oil flavored chips


There’s a new chip in town that will sure become a family favorite. They are called “pasta chips” by Vintage Italia. They caught my eye while I was browsing through Sam’s Club. My family loves chips and pasta, so we decided to take a chance and buy this product. Sam’s had the garlic olive oil flavor but there are 4 others.

Various Pasta Chip flavors available.  These chips are great to use as a 'chip' or a cracker.  The photos show their versatility.
Vintage Italia
Pasta Chips by Vintage Italia
Vintage Italia

The bag had some good things written on it…GMO-free, oven baked, natural ingredients…all of the things I look for in food products I buy. I could not help myself and quickly added a few bags to my cart.

The scent of the chips when I opened the bag was amazing. They are small, square oven baked and very crispy. They crunch when bitten, but don’t fall apart, which makes them perfect for dipping. You do not get that awful potato chip breakage and are sure to get the entire chip and dip right where you want it. At first glance, it looked like it was going to be so much more than a chip. I was right. Sure, they are chips and are perfect with dips, but they are sturdy enough to use as a cracker too.

The flavor of garlic came through perfectly. As I was enjoying the crunch, I kept thinking of things to dip these delightful chips into. We had several types of hummus in the fridge and they were a perfect combination. Do not think they require a dip, though, since the flavor is fabulous on its own.

A bonus feature on these chips is that they come in a really sturdy bag with a resalable zip top so they are going to stay fresh until you finish the bag.

We have included several photos in the slideshow to give you an idea on the versatility of these chips. We also show photos of the additional flavors available.

We are only able to give a product five stars, but if I could, I would give them 100. These are the best snack product I’ve tried in a long time. They are different from other products on the market and are made with healthy ingredients. That is a double bonus in my book. I will be posting some recipes shortly using these chips. Be sure to try them too.

Look for pasta chips in Sam’s Club in Gilbert, or Safeway, Target and even Ace Hardware in Mesa. They are perfect just as the come out of the bag, but use your imagination and they will become even more special.

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