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Food Should Taste Good Kimchi Tortilla Chips

Eat them!
Food Should Taste Good

Kimchi Tortilla Chips


Kimchi is one of the most popular Korean foods and smart snack companies capitalize already in this newly introduced flavor in the American market. Food Should Taste Good offers a range of tortilla and potato chips including the Cantina, Blue Corn and Falafel.

The Kimchi Tortilla Chips are on offer and as a serial snack eater I took a bite –or two to taste, smell and feel this flavor. I am not a great fan of kimchi but those tortilla chips were “interesting” to me, for other delicious. Made with dried cabbage, onion, garlic, spice, paprika, dried vinegar and red bell peppers, they almost reproduce the fermented vegetables. I didn’t find them particularly garlic-y and this is good news for a snack food. So a unique blend of ingredients comes together with a nice crunchiness for your pleasure. At the end, I got addicted and nearly finished the entire bag of 5.5-oz (don’t ask for the calories).

Let’s take a look at the nutrition facts. Each serving of 1-oz. has 140 calories, total fat of 7g, 0.5g of each is saturated fat. Carbs come at 17g per serving, protein with only 2g and sodium at 180mg per serving which is probably standard for salty snacks.

Food Should Taste Good Kimchi Tortilla Chips is an all natural product, free from GMOs, gluten, cholesterol, MSG, trans fat, artificial colors, flavors and preservatives, and contains 20g wholegrain per serving. It is suitable for kosher and vegan diets.

I would pair those Kimchi Tortilla Chips with a glass of cold beer – wine as it does not go well with pickled flavors. Having said that, why you don’t try a glass of Merlot for just a try? You may be surprised!