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Food Should Taste Good brand crackers do just that, taste good!

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Food Should Taste Good brand crackers


Legend has it, we eat with our eyes before anything. While I vehemently agree with that sentiment, we also eat with whatever emotions we have flowing through us at the moment. This said, there is actually a brand of sustenance called Food Should Taste Good. Seriously, that’s the name of the brand! So with my emotions on full systems alert, how could I pass this up? Food should taste good, naturally. For why would we need it at our closest of grasps just to “eat”? We do need to eat, scientifically speaking. But what we plug into the hole under our nose should be taken with or without a grain of salt.

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With this stated, Food Should Taste Good Brand brown rice crackers are their own proverbial cracker. It’s almost like a Twilight Zone episode where everything produced by said brand is labeled as such because, well, it’s labeled that way. Confused? So am I. However these crackers are good and should be, their name says so.

There are four flavors total: Sea Salt, Tomato & Basil, Roasted Red Pepper and Peppercorn Blend. All four exhibit a light portrayal of their description without the empowerment of latent artificial sacrifices. All crackers are made with all-natural ingredients and are NON-GMO, which Food Should Taste Good Brand products are elated to convey to the consumer.

The crackers themselves are infused with a GLUTEN-FREE brown rice nuttiness that masquerades around your mouth. The crunch is sufficient but isn’t deafening and the natural flavors play peek-a-boo every couple seconds. There is nothing to not like but you may just became an addict to these paper-thin concoctions of normalcy.

I mean that in the most positive way, these crackers are just normal crackers yet transcend the overbearing pressure most brands fail to reward there customers with. More clearly, these crackers are HEALTHY - not soaking in syrups or dyes. There is a natural gravity to these crackers and they are, by any other name, food that tastes good.