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Food preservation made easy: “At Home Canning” DVD review

“At Home Canning” DVD


Even experienced gourmet chefs get a little nervous around the common pressure cooker; the horror stories of explosions and injuries are enough to make even the most determined individual forgo using a pressure cooker for preserving their organic produce – until now. Kendra Lynne’s new DVD, “At Home Canning: for Beginners and Beyond,” will make that fear a thing of the past.

Canning food is quite easy - when you know how!
Kendra Lynne

Lynne takes the mystery and menace out of the pressure canner, and canning food in general. “At Home Canning: for Beginners and Beyond” is a step-by-step tutorial that contains all the knowledge you need to journey into the food preservation world confidently. She starts by explaining how canning works, the working parts of both water bath and pressure canners, and the reasons behind each part of the process. Her instructions are clear, and she demonstrates each step of the canning process with everyday recipes for applesauce, spaghetti sauce, chicken soup, pie fillings, and fruit juices; her method for canning grape juice is one of the simplest and easiest I have seen to date. Lynne uses All American pressure canners (which is reasonable as they are her sponsor), but her explanation of how pressure canners work can be applied to almost any similar style of pressure canner.

More importantly, Lynne forays into the realm of foods not usually seen as “cannable.” With Lynne’s methods, meats like pork, chicken and beef now can sit safely preserved on the pantry shelf instead of taking up valuable real estate in the freezer. That makes a big difference in the bottom line of a household when the power goes out and you lose several hundred dollars in thawed food.

Connecting to the busy parent is something Lynne also understands, so she covers “meals in a jar” for quick canned meals for the family on the go. Chile Con Carne in five minutes is entirely possible once you see Lynne do it on the DVD.

Lynne felt there was a need to address the void in food preservation knowledge because of her own disconnect with her family’s cooking history; those skills had fallen out of use generations ago. However, she realized that educating herself on the lost arts of the homesteader would be key to living a more self-sufficient life. She is a homeschooling mother of four, and enjoys being with her family, gardening, preserving food, milking goats, making cheese and soap, preparing herbal remedies, and wild foraging. Her family's newest adventure is preparing to go off the grid, and Lynne enjoys a quiet country life in the Bible Belt South. She blogs about it all on her website, New Life on a Homestead, where she hopes to inspire and encourage others who are interested in simpler living.

“At Home Canning: for Beginners and Beyond” works at many levels to bring back the frugal and fun side of food preservation. Lynne’s DVD is a fine addition to any kitchen shelf, and will help you save hundreds of dollars as well as simplify your dining dilemmas, and you’ll never have to deal with eating that bumper crop of name-your-vegetable before it spoils.

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