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Food on the table
Food on the

Food On the Table App


Managing a family can be extremely demanding for a new parent. With a little organization you can save yourself a lot of time and some money too! There is a new program out called Food on the Table that is extraordinarily easy to use and very helpful. The basic version includes three recipes per week and is free, and a more detailed premium version is also available.

Here is how it works. You can log on through your computer or download the application to your I-phone or Android. You will be asked to customize your account with a few quick and easy preferences. Simply choose what you like to eat (chicken, beef, turkey, pork, seafood, or meat free) then select what type of dishes you like to prepare (pasta, salads, casseroles, crock pot, soups, or marinades). You will have the ability to input die menu restrictions like Gluten-free, Vegetarian, Low-carb, Low-fat and Low-sodium that will filter out the recipes you can choose from. Next you just select which stores you shop at and wha-la!! You will receive recipes based on your dietary preferences that include which items are on sale at the stores you like to shop at!

Before adding a recipe to your meal plan, you can easily change the serving size from 1 to 8 servings. Once you select the recipes you want to shop for you will receive a grocery list organized by category for easy shopping. All the spices you need for all of the recipes you selected, all the dairy, etc. are grouped together. The sale items are listed within the shopping list as well. A new release of the program will include a calendar feature, allowing users to plan their meals by the days of the month.

You can use the program at home and print out your recipes and shopping list, or just use the phone app and save some ink by reading your phone at the store. The entire program is very user-friendly; the recipes are simple but tasty and may help you add some variety to your weekly meal plans. Dinner is served!