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Follow Your Dreams, Wisdom & Inspiration for Graduates

This would make a delightful gift for a graduate of any age.
This would make a delightful gift for a graduate of any age.
From Thomas Nelson

Authors weave humor with practical advice, tips and inspiration


University of Washington's 136th Commencement Ceremony:


Follow Your Dreams, Wisdom & Inspiration for Graduates, By Multiple Authors, Hardcover, Thomas Nelson, 160 Pages, ISBN-13:9781591455684, $13.99

Everyone dreams and wonders, "What if?" Others embrace their future with the question, "What does the future really hold for me?" Such questions come to some readers early in life, while others consider the question in midlife or as seniors. Such questions often lead to further education, learning a new skill or task and for some to begin a journey toward a long-held dream.

Whether the answer leads to graduation from college, trade school or the "school of hard knocks" otherwise known as life experience, the graduate achieves a dream birthed in faith. Because, dreams, large or small, are not yet realized, they are often costly and take a lot of hard work. Such dreams are carried on the prayers of faith and belief.

In this compilation of Scripture, quotes, poetry and short, inspirational Chicken Soup style stories, authors offer graduates encouragement for and celebration of their dreams. The stories also encourage grateful, thankful attitudes, hearts and minds for the opportunities their dreams afford.

Broken into seven sections, this enlightening book features several segments of dreams that include: Dreams are God's gifts, they give life purpose and come with challenges to overcome. Fulfilling dreams requires work. Dreams must be nourished if they are to determine the future. The dreamer will be a different person at the dream's completion than the day they started to pursue their dream.

Wise quotes from the likes of Winston Churchill and Mother Teresa combine with Scriptures to further inspire and encourage individual dreams.

"I am a little pencil in the hand of a writing God who is sending a love letter to the world," writes Mother Teresa.

"People will be rewarded for what they say, and they will also be rewarded for what they do," according to Proverbs 12:14.

Or as Francis of Assisi wrote, "Start by doing what's necessary' then do what's possible' and suddenly you are doing the impossible."

Authors weave humor with practical advice, tips and inspiration. Stories celebrate dreamers, their accomplishments, their overcoming of adversity, besides feeding reader's souls. This would make a delightful gift for a graduate of any age.

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