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Follow two Americans who went to Sochi to watch the Olympics 2014

Wendy Ponte and Adelaide Ponte Usdin traveled to Sochi for the Olympics 2014
Photo courtesy Wendy Ponte

Sochi 2014


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to travel to Sochi, Russia and watch the Winter Olympics 2014? A daughter and mother "team," Adelaide Ponte Usdin and Wendy Ponte, from Connecticut, USA, decided to make the trip, and they have been blogging about their experiences and adventures for

Although NBC television makes traveling to Sochi and watching the Olympics look glamorous, it is obvious that being in Sochi has its drawbacks:

Adelaide and Wendy have been running on fumes and seem to have finally caught up on some sleep. They have had some trouble getting back to their hotel, gone without food, been frisked, and have also been taken by cab to the wrong places away from Sochi which has caused them to be late for some of the figure skating events. They write that many people, including members of the press, have had huge difficulties with accommodations and transportation and that the standards for expensive hotel rooms are less than basic and sparse college dorm rooms in the USA. On a positive note, Wendy and Adelaide loved seeing the new Olympic figure skating team event and have enjoyed the positive energy that is in the Iceberg Skate Palace arena as they watch Olympic figure skaters compete.

Sochi by Two Blog - By Adelaide Ponte Usdin and Wendy Ponte for

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