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Bridge to Haven by Francine Rivers


Hollywood, California, 1957: The only thing Abra Matthews has wanted her entire life is to feel loved and to be somebody. After all her own mother abandoned her as a newborn underneath the bridge leading to the small town of Haven. Now she has her chance to be someone as Lena Scott, Hollywood’s newest rising star, but at what cost?

Pastor Ezekial “Zeke” Freeman has loved Abra from the moment he found her and hated when he had no other choice but to give her to another family. He and his son Joshua, Abra’s best friend have never stopped praying for her, but when will the Lord answer their prayers? Find out in Bridge to Haven by Francine Rivers.

I really enjoyed this book, though I thought it was a little long and dragged a bit in places. It is a powerful version of the story of the Prodigal Son combined with the story from the book of Ezekial of the unwanted baby who God loved and cared for, who turned his back on him. It is a wonderful representation of how God loves his children and pursues them no matter what they have done.

My heart broke a long with Zeke and Joshua’s as Abra kept making the wrong decisions and hurting herself. I wanted so badly for her to make the right choice and come home to those who truly loved her and get away from those who only said they did. I wanted to step into the story and show Abra what she was doing was wrong and that where the people who truly cared about her were; or go to Haven and tell Joshua how to find her.

God still loves us no matter how we have sinned against him is a major theme in this book. Zeke and Joshua know that Abra has done some pretty bad things in her life, but like God they still love her and want her to come home.

On the whole this is a powerful parable about God’s love. I give it five out of five stars.

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Soli Deo Gloria!

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