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Fly6 keeps cycling safer

Fly6, combination tail-light & HD camera for cyclists

Fly6 rear light/camera combo


Competitive and enthusiast cyclist John Coyle from Lawrenceville, GA competes in road races and criteriums in Georgia, and the Southeast USA, as well as logging over 5000+ road miles yearly.

Here is his review of Fly6, a combination rear blinking light and HD camera.

I have had my Fly6 for a couple of months and have had plenty of time to use it and review it.

The first impression you get of the Fly6 comes from the very well thought out and designed packaging. The camera and all the attachments and accessories come very neatly packed and organized in a great case. It comes with all kinds of attachment accessories, USB cable, and SD card adapter. It includes an 8GB micro SD card but I upgraded mine to a 32GB with no problems. All in all it has everything you need for an instant use.

Mounting the camera was easy on my Cannondale CAAD 10 . I used the provided straps and the standard seat post mounting brackets. I mounted mine at the very bottom of my seat post. It is a tight fit under my saddle bag but it does fit perfectly for rear filming!

Setting up the camera for first time use was also easy to do. The instructions were very clear and concise.

Using the camera is super easy! You simply turn it on and you are blinking and recording. I does a looping feature so if you need to save longer rides you will need a larger SD card. I mainly use mine for safety purposes so the looping feature is perfect. You can also turn it on with camera only or blinking only.

The battery on the camera lasts around 4 hours in the camera and full blinking mode but might last longer using some of the other modes. I have not tested other options. I recharge the camera after every ride.

The video quality is very good. Since I use mine mainly as a safety camera full HD quality was not important to me. I use a GoPro on the front of my bike for high quality images.

This is a great $135 device and well worth having!!! I cannot wait until the Fly12 (Front mount version) comes out next year!

PROS: Ease of mounting, setup, operation and cost.

CONS: Needs zip tie mounting option

I absolutely love Fly6 and would recommend it to all who ride on the road either for safety, or just the joy of watching your rides again and again!

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