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Florida Film Festival 2014: Shorts Program 4

Nasty HardcoreXXX Amateur Couple
Nasty HardcoreXXX Amateur Couple

Florida Film Festival short films


The Florida Film Festival fourth Shorts Program is entitled "Walk on the Wild Side," and includes several really stellar shorts. The rest are a mixed bag, but for the most part this set is worth seeing.

The title Leonard in Slow Motion is quite literal, as the title character moves at a slower speed than anyone else. Some cute moments, and the photographic effects are quite seamless, but a pretty pedestrian story.

A Long Walk aims for social relevance with a story about a man remembering the childhood friend that he couldn't save from ridicule. There are some genuinely powerful moments, but the execution is a little ham handed and the flashback technique not very well handled.

Me+Her uses clever stop motion animation to tell a simple yet poignant story of lost love. It goes on a bit too long, but I'd be lying if the resolution didn't make me tear up a bit. The music really enhances the emotional impact as well, building to a beautifully heartbreaking crescendo. Clarification: Me+Her was created using puppetry not stop motion animation.

One Please is a clever if gory little piece about an ice cream man who accepts alternative currency for his treats. The build up in this is fantastic, with banal details masking chilling undertones.

Trauma is a haunted house story about a mental patient who returns to her childhood home to confront the imaginary creature that stalked her. But is it really imaginary? The end is a little clunky, but the black and white photography and brilliant use of lighting and darkness make it creepily effective.

Nasty HardcoreXXX Amateur Couple is not at all like the title suggests. A young couple decides to make a private video for themselves, but the process reveals quite a lot about their relationship and their future together. It's really very funny, bittersweet, and incredibly well written.

As I began to watch The Cyclist I thought to myself, "Dear God, not another zombie movie." It is just that, but the way it reveals the doomed protagonist reliving memories with his wife elevates the movie to tragic heights, delivering an ending with more emotional resonance than anything on The Walking Dead lately.

In Dog Meets Goose a lonely gay man makes a connection with a young man who claims a mutual attraction. The film, which shares similarities with Hitchcock, works better in retrospect.

For screening info, visit the Florida Film Festival website, and check out my other reviews here.