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Florida Film Festival 2014: Animated Shorts

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Florida Film Festival Animated Shorts Program


The Florida Film Festival presented a series of seventeen shorts as part of its animated shorts program this year, and the films vary widely in format as well as quality. A number of the films utilize traditional hand drawn animation. Several of the shorts are computer animated, and a few even utilize stop motion. A portion of the films are worth mentioning, for reasons both good and bad.

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The program opens with Baby, I Love You. The short attempts to make an impression by shocking the audience, but the computer animation is rather shoddy and antiquated. The best thing I can say about it is it is mercifully short. Seven Deadly Sins does some clever things with animation and visually describes the seven deadly sins with anagrams, but it is overlong.

Shelter is an abstract film that shows chairs and lamps and other furniture floating in a strange, wooden attic space; I couldn't help but be reminded of Alice falling down the rabbit hole. The film is very interesting visually, but like many of the shorts it runs longer than it should. Twiller Parkour is intentionally sophomoric and achieves a kind of grandeur in its simplicity and idiocy.

One of the more enjoyable films is Roadkill Redemption, which despite having less than inspired animation is quite entertaining, as a girl driving through the desert must make amends to the spirit of the animal she accidentally hits. Spy Fox, a riff on James Bond with animals filling the roles, seemed like it could be fun but was ultimately uninspired and derivative. El Delirio Del Pez Leon is probably the most interesting of the films from a visual standpoint and is weirdly avant garde.

Most of the other shorts are perfectly fine, but as a whole the program from previous years was much stronger. For more information on this and other screenings, visit the Florida Film Festival website. Be sure to check out my other reviews from the festival here.